How to Make the *BEST* Kale Chips Ever!

Homemade kale chips are the hottest snacks of the moment, but not all kale chips are created equal. Follow our guide to make sure your next batch is unforgettable!

Lacinato Kale

1. To start, select your kale wisely. We’ve found that our Lacinato Kale actually holds up better to baking and is easier to chop in consistent shapes due to its flat, palm-like leaves. Curlier kale varieties will still produce decent chips, but Lacinato produces the best result we’ve had.

2. Rinse each kale leaf under warm water, then pat dry with a towel. It is easier to dry the rinsed leaves before chopping, so do this step first.

Lightly spray and toss

Lightly spray and toss

3. For a light, less-greasy chip, use a canola-based nonstick spray instead of heavier oils. Simply spray lightly over a bowl of chopped kale, and toss with your hand until the kale is coated throughout.

4. Use a flavored seasoning. We like adding a pinch of Whiskey Island Smoked Dust, but garlic salt, Old Bay, or plain salt & pepper will work too. Toss to evenly coat seasoning.

Spread kale out!

Spread kale out!

5. Lay kale out in a single layer on a baking sheet, leaving room for air to circulate. This is important for even drying—use a second baking sheet if the first one is becoming crowded. The chips will tend to get crispy along the edges of the sheet first, so it may be necessary to remove these outer chips earlier than the ones in the middle of the sheet.

6. Bake kale chips at 425°F for 10-12 minutes or until completely crispy. Some char will not hurt, but check frequently for burning or uneven baking.

7. Enjoy immediately! Homemade kale chips are a nutritious snack food that you won’t feel guilty gobbling up by the handful. Just be quick about it…these chips won’t last long!




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