Welcome to Hometown Harvest!

South Mountain Veggies began on South Mountain, MD in 2009. Over the past 4 years, we have sprouted new delivery routes and planted roots in hometowns all over the area. Our farmers and veggie vans are now scattered throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and DC.

We now feel that we have outgrown the South Mountain name and we’ve cultivated a new name that better represents all of the local hometowns we are now involved in. Therefore, over the next few months you will see us slowly but organically move to our new name: Hometown Harvest.

We will still be the same local delivery service that you’ve grown to love—with the same outstanding group of folks and growers—only bigger and better. Coming later this spring, we plan to expand our product lines to include many more farmer’s market items based on your feedback.

Like daffodils poking through the frozen ground and flower buds on trees, you’ll be able to see our changes blossom gradually as we update social media, change the signs on our delivery vans, and eventually redesign the website. We are very excited about these changes, and we welcome your feedback as we continue to sit down with farmers and prepare for spring.

Best of Health,

Abby & Tony Brusco


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