“Stock”-ing Up on Real Food: Day 1

The following is a guest blog from Kaitlyn, our social media manager, editor, mom of two boys, and devoted Hometown Harvest customer. Follow along as she embarks on a 10-day real-food-only pledge.

Anyone who’s ever successfully kept a New Year’s resolution knows that achieving is 90% preparation and 10% execution. But don’t quote me on those numbers. 🙂 I knew from reading up at 100 Days of Real Food that in order for me to completely eliminate processed foods from my diet for 10 days, I would have to be prepared.


Here’s How I Got Ready:

  • Placed my order w/Hometown Harvest. This was the easiest part. I made sure to order Spring Mill whole grain bread, upgraded to a larger bag, and added some extra snacks to have on hand. More on what I did with them later.
  • Bought dried beans, rice, and lentils. All of these are whole foods that are relatively easy to prepare, and great to have on hand.
  • Made stock! Using a whole chicken and this recipe, I cooked up some fresh stock to use for soups and dinner recipes for the next 10 days. It is one of the easiest kitchen tasks to do because I was able to throw in the chicken when I got home from work and it was simmered and ready to be put away by the time I was done putting the kids to bed.
  • Prepped snacks. With my kids’ Easter candy lying around, I wanted to be sure I wasn’t tempted to snag a jelly bean! I had ordered extra cashews, walnuts, and sunflower seeds from Hometown Harvest, so I dumped all three containers into a large bowl. I mixed in some organic dried fruit and divided the mix into clean jars. I LOVE trail mix, and this real food, homemade version was much cheaper than store mixes (that usually contain hidden sugars and salt).
  • Tossed or boxed processed products. I gave myself about 30 minutes to go through my shelves, fridge, and cupboards to either throw away processed stuff that wouldn’t fit the challenge, or separate it out (so I would know not to reach for it while cooking). I’d say that maybe 70% of the products in my kitchen were already challenge-approved, but the rule about less than 5 ingredients on the label eliminated some of the rest by 1 or 2 ingredients.
Day 1 Menu: Trail mix & apple, homemade lentil & swiss chard soup (from the freezer), almond butter & cinnamon apple butter sandwich on whole grain bread.

About kaitlynhh

I'm a mom of two boys and I love cooking and preserving. As the social media manager for Hometown Harvest, I get to interact with our amazing customers everyday. They are the very best resource for tips and ideas, as well as ardent supporters of local food and our area farmers.

5 thoughts on ““Stock”-ing Up on Real Food: Day 1

  1. such a great idea! I have tried to switch my snacking to healthier option. Peanut butter on apple slices is one of my favorites. I might just try this myself…but plan it as you mentioned, or it would probably fail:)

    • Thanks! We love peanut (or almond) butter on apple slices in our house! This fall we took advantage of buying bulk apples and actually dried a bunch. For a quick, pre-made snack, I bet dried apples and nuts would work!

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