…And I’m Feeling Good: Day 6

The following is a guest blog from Kaitlyn, our social media manager, editor, mom of two boys, and devoted Hometown Harvest customer. Follow along as she embarks on a 10-day real-food-only pledge.

Ok guys, right around this time in any new eating pattern, I start getting grumpy. I grumble, snap, and honestly am probably totally un-fun to be around. I am resentful of the tasty stuff YOU are eating, and I demand pity that I can’t have any of it.

Not this time. I was coveting jelly beans early in the week, but by the end of the week I was able to successfully turn down…get this…NUTELLA FUDGE. The thought of the super refined sugar made my teeth hurt just thinking about it, which is NOT a feeling I’m used to regarding Nutella. In fact, I was gobbling up frozen berries and delighting in my sandwich condiment creativity (this time, apple butter and baby salad greens; next time maybe hummus?).

There is a distinct lightness and energy that comes with eating whole, unprocessed foods. As my body adjusts to a purer form of fuel, I find myself craving exercise and performing better while doing it. Instead of driving on Saturday, I ended up biking around 6 miles. Now, who knows how much of this positive feeling is due to the fantastic weather we’re having, but I am glad for the extra energy to enjoy it.

Day 6 Menu: Oatmeal+blueberries, turkey & apple butter on whole grain, cheesy scrambled eggs and spinach. Trail mix+banana for snack.

About kaitlynhh

I'm a mom of two boys and I love cooking and preserving. As the social media manager for Hometown Harvest, I get to interact with our amazing customers everyday. They are the very best resource for tips and ideas, as well as ardent supporters of local food and our area farmers.

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