Sports Candy: Day 7

The following is a guest blog from Kaitlyn, our social media manager, editor, mom of two boys, and devoted Hometown Harvest customer. Follow along as she embarks on a 10-day real-food-only pledge.

If you’re like me, sometimes you may have grand plans to make elaborate meals with your Hometown Harvest bags…just to find that you got stuck at work late, or the kids demanded peanut butter & jelly AGAIN, or someone whisked you off your feet and took you to a 5-star restaurant instead (ha! yes, I’m dreaming).  Suddenly there is a drawer full of apples, or ANOTHER head of lettuce you didn’t chop for salads (and why I’m a salad mix convert).

What I like to do is “put up” as much as I can as soon as I get my order. I recently mentioned how I snaked on dried apples (called “sports candy” in my house by my preschoolers), and DifferentBeautifully asked how I did it. So easy! Back in the fall, we ordered bulk apples. Using my handy apple peeler/corer to thinly slice the apples, I laid them out on baking sheets and popped them into the oven on as low as it would go (175° for mine).

When they were nice and crispy, we let them cool and transferred them to glass jars. It helps to suck out the air with a vacuum-type attachment (I have one for my FoodSaver), but as long as there is no moisture, the apples will be good to eat for a few months.

Check out this great site for more drying directions, along with links to preserving just about anything you can buy fresh in season. It’s great to be able to pull out “real food” snacks and pantry items all year long, and you know for sure what went into them.

Day 7 Menu: Whole grain toast w/almond butter, yogurt w/strawberries & honey, snow peas+carrots+broccoli+ginger peanut tofu stir fry & brown rice. Banana for snack.

About kaitlynhh

I'm a mom of two boys and I love cooking and preserving. As the social media manager for Hometown Harvest, I get to interact with our amazing customers everyday. They are the very best resource for tips and ideas, as well as ardent supporters of local food and our area farmers.

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