A Great Start to #HH30Days!

Hometown Harvest 30-Day Real Food Challenge

J. Naomi's incredible-looking fresh bread!

J. Naomi’s tweeted us this photo of her incredible-looking fresh bread!

What a great day, Harvesters! Not only did we have perfect weather for our ribbon cutting in Frederick, but we heard from so many of you as you started your real food journeys! From blog posts to Facebook messages to tweets (#HH30Days), you guys sounded off on some of the tasty meals you’d whipped up, as well as some of the challenges you were hoping to overcome. We hope you continue to share with us and support each other through your “Hometown”!

Check out some of our favorites from Day 1:

Kristen G. tweeted:

“My 3 year old loves unpacking our bag from HmtwnHrvst every week 🙂 http://instagram.com/p/YxqZicwZYV/

You will definitely want to click that link…such a cutie!

Yum! Breakfast of champions from Gretchen!

Yum! Breakfast of champions from Gretchen!




Susan B. emailed us her tasty plans:

“This weekend I am making apple pie without crust:  sliced apples that were delivered yesterday with honey, cinnamon, walnuts slow baked for about 40 minutes.  Friday I am making cous cous w/spring onions just delivered, radishes delivered last week, and sautéed chard, garlic, & almonds.  And it is lentil soup this weekend with all the leftover scraps from my veggie bag.”

And the bloggers have begun! Check out these great Harvester blogs (and be sure to let us know if you’re blogging, too!)

  • Sam G.’s blog: Doing the challenge in the middle of a kitchen renovation!
  • Marty M.’s blog: A funny read, and we’ve ALL been there! Stick with it, Marty! 🙂

Remember you can use our handy list of challenge-ready foods, and check back for more Harvester recipes and ideas!


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