It’s Official! Hometown Harvest is Here to Stay!

Wednesday, May 1 marked the official ribbon cutting ceremony for our “new” business name, Hometown Harvest. We had perfect weather in downtown Frederick, MD, and were joined by wonderful friends and family. We even had a few of our growers stop by for support, but they all had to hustle back to the fields to take advantage of the glorious weather!

Check out our photos from the event below!


Abby giving community members tours of the office/packing stations.


Kip from Full Cellar Farms stopped by to celebrate and give us an update on his yummy chards & radishes.


Officials from the Frederick Chamber of Commerce and reps from the State bestowing citations (the good kind!) on the Bruscos for their hard work for the community. (They’re customers, too!)


One of the several citations Tony & Abby received from various state legislatures congratulating them on their achievements in the community.


Great family! Sophia and Gabe jumped right in to give tours and entertain the crowd of supporters.


The whole Hometown Harvest crew!


…and it’s official! Nice job cutting the ribbon, Sophia!


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