Healthy Choices, Healthy Kids!

Hometown Harvest 30-Day Real Food Challenge As of today there are over 120 KIDS all around the MD-DC-VA region taking our HH30Days real food challenge along with their parents, and we think that’s pretty cool. It is so important that kids today learn how to make healthy eating choices as early as possible, especially with all the super-processed foods marketed directly to kids. Something that we didn’t anticipate—but are thrilled to hear—is that so many of our HH30Days kids are using their orange wristbands as reminders to choose real foods.

Melissa's adorable boys unpack their Hometown Harvest bags while rocking their #HH30Days wristbands!

Melissa’s adorable boys unpack their Hometown Harvest bags while rocking their #HH30Days wristbands!

Fellow HH customer Melissa sent us the following email with the above pic:

“Our family is so excited to be part of your #HH30Days Real Food Challenge! 🙂 I am so happy I found you guys!!! To see my kids faces when our delivery arrives is priceless. These are the oldest two. They had to have an apple and a carrot right away. 🙂 And the littlest one is thoroughly enjoying the baby food I made from your awesome produce. Thank you for providing this service and helping keep my kids excited about their fruits and veggies! :)”

Our friend Jenny shared the below pic today on Facebook, made by her 10-year-old daughter:

Jenny's daughter is a whiz at real food already!

Jenny’s daughter is a whiz at real food already!

“Onion, red bell pepper, tomato, cheddar and egg scramble cooked by my very devoted 30-day challenge buddy! She’s proudly wearing her orange wrist band each day. Love how positive she’s feeling about making food choices.”

Several of us at Hometown Harvest are also parents, and part of our passion for real, locally sourced foods is how it benefits our kids. Children who grow up with an understanding of how and where their foods comes are not only better equipped to make healthy choices, but also have a greater understanding of the food system, local economies, and how changes to the environment like pollution can have major consequences.
These are also reasons why Hometown Harvest has partnered with Martha’s Table, a local charity organization that develops sustainable solutions to poverty through nutritional support of low-income children. Last year, we donated over 2,500 lbs of fresh, local produce to help feed the Martha’s Table kids.

This year, in addition to donations and regular deliveries, we’re sponsoring a Food Revolution Day (5/17) event at MT that we’re pretty excited about. We’ll be delivering 150 bags of fresh produce for the kids to use while learning to prepare simple recipes that they’ll take home to their families. Just as our kids are learning how to use real food this month, the kids at Martha’s Table will gain skills and knowledge to make healthy choices for food, and hopefully other areas of their lives as well.

2 thoughts on “Healthy Choices, Healthy Kids!

  1. Hooray, Hometown Harvest! Thank you for including my daughter in your story. She’s BEYOND proud. Are there ways that kids can help with your service to Martha’s Table? That would be SUCH a neat extension of our 30-Day challenge work. Of course, we could contact Martha’s Table directly, but didn’t know if we could join forces with you at some point!

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