The Chicken DOES Come Before the Egg

Hometown Harvest 30-Day Real Food Challenge

Did you know that chickens are NOT vegetarians? Chickens, like many humans, are omnivores who feast on bugs as well as grain feed sources. Scratching around in the dirt for bugs helps the chickens stay fit, keeps their immune systems healthy, and ensures that their eggs are full of nutrients.

But what happens when the weather is cool and rainy? The bugs tend to stay put in their hiding spots. Like most of us who experience a lack in productivity when the weather is gloomy, young chickens tend to slack off on laying eggs. For our new flock at Grand View Farm, the recent chill and drizzly weather has slowed down the egg production of the younger layers for the time being. But with sunnier days and more experience under their belts (feathers?) these girls will get down to work. If you have ordered eggs and we ran out before you could enjoy them, we appreciate your patience! This is sustainability in progress!

Is it worth the wait for these eggs? Check out what one customer had to say after receiving her first order last week:

“Eggs are one of my favorite foods. Nothing beats a soft boiled egg or a gently poached egg but to eat an egg prepared this way, they need to be fresh and farm raised.

I thought I had eaten the best. I’ve had eggs for breakfast in Paris, at the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. I’ve had them in the English countryside and hungover in Munich after Oktoberfest. I’ve had them from farm stands, quirky diners, Whole Foods, local, commercial, blue eggs, speckled eggs, brown eggs, white eggs…..I’ve eaten a LOT of eggs. I thought I had found the best but I was wrong. These new eggs you are carrying are superior to any I have ever had.

I found myself not making a cake today because I didn’t want to waste two precious eggs on a cake. Next week I will order two dozen so I don’t have to make a choice like that again!

I love the new Hometown Harvest. I thought it was just going to be South Mtn Veggies recast but you have more than exceeded my expectations. You have blown me away with the choice and selection.
Thank you!

Thanks for the kinds words, Meredith! We’ll let the girls know their efforts are appreciated.


One thought on “The Chicken DOES Come Before the Egg

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