Paying It Forward: Martha’s Table Market Day

Hometown Harvest 30-Day Real Food ChallengeWe like win-win situations. Take our business setup, for example: The more fresh, local produce we can provide to you, the more local farmers here in MD, PA, and VA can invest in their sustainable farms and try new varieties. With more varieties of local foods available, the healthier our local food system (and your family) can become.

photo(3) Market Day at Martha’s Table is another example of a win-win situation for everyone involved. Once a month, Martha’s Table sets up a “market” with fresh vegetables and fruits at one of four schools in low-income areas in DC. The kids (and their parents) learn how to shop for quality, fresh foods, using basic math skills to compare hypothetical prices and discuss cooking methods. At the end of the day, every family goes home with a bag of the produce they’ve picked out.

On Friday, in conjunction with Food Revolution Day, Tony brought seasonal Hometown Harvest produce to Market Day—enough for 150 bags. Among the local items were lettuce, spinach, spring onions, asparagus, apples, and even kiwis. Many of the kids were excited about carrots and apples, while several parents sought advice about how to cook spinach. One mother asked for tips about how to pick out fresh asparagus, as grocery-store asparagus is usually very

As the kids chose produce for the bags, Tony overheard little conversations about what they could make with their items. One little girl decided that a head of lettuce would make a very nice salad.

In the future, we hope to participate in more Market Days, as the experience for the families is educational in a fun way. We’re proud to help introduce the next generation to healthy eating!


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