Hometown Voices: Daddy Ford’s Inaugural Post!

Join the Ford family, long-time Hometown Harvest customers, as they blog about their adventures in local, almost vegan eating. See how this family of four manages a mainly plant-based diet despite busy schedules and caring for their two young boys.

Special delivery!

Special delivery!

It’s Daddy Ford (@NearlyVeganDC), half of the dynamic duo with Momma Ford aka @VanessaFord5!

Hometown Harvest has delivered delicious produce to our Capitol Hill doorstep for over three years.  Has it really been that long?  Anyway, we’ve loved all the organic and local produce delivered by Hometown Harvest.  With Momma Ford, our two young boys, and our 7-year old Shepherd, we have a busy household.  Our boys love the peaches…I mean REALLY love them!  So much so, that would be dinner.   So, a little about Daddy Ford…I just turned 34 (last week) and work a 9-to-5 in Information Technology in the DC area.   Over the past two years, I’ve made a serious effort to choose more healthy and local foods and have tailored our meals around these choices—whether it is seasonal and local produce, reducing the amount of less healthy foods our family eats, or just buying a ton of peaches, apples, or tomatoes for canning (peaches were canned a couple weeks back. Here we come Roma tomatoes!).

The little Fords can't resist peaches!

The little Fords can’t resist peaches!

In 2011, I decided to center my food choices on a whole foods, plant-based diet mainly for health reasons.  Over the past year, my wife gradually made the transition to a plant-based diet as well.  I think we can both say that we definitely appreciate the options that Hometown Harvest provides to us to keep us motivated!  We now sit down on Sunday evenings and go through the Hometown Harvest menu to see what’s available.  I could eat a ton of kale every week!  Also, when I have time, I really enjoy making fruit/veggie smoothies from our weekly delivery.  Who knew beets could taste so good in smoothie?

So about the meal I cooked tonight – a very simple mushroom stir fry.  After a long Friday evening, I decided to cook up something quick.  From our weekly delivery from Hometown Harvest, I chopped up mushrooms, onions, and green beans.  Then, I added in pre-shredded carrots and purple cabbage, and tossed in some garlic salt, ginger powder, and pepper.  I forgot to mention that this was cooked without any oil!

stir fry

Daddy Ford whips up a fresh vegetarian stir fry for dinner.

Stay tuned as we continue on our journey to bring you inspiring meals, recipes, and stories based around our experiences with Hometown Harvest, our great local food delivery service!


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