Beautiful Bartlett Pears (Yes, they’re local!)


Local pears available for add-on this week!

Fall is fabulous for delicious LOCAL tree fruits like these sweet Bartlett pears. We’re fortunate that our friends at Hollabaugh Brothers Orchard were able to grow them for us this year. Supplies are limited, so these pears are available for add-on to your regular bags.

The folks over at Organic Produce Geek had some awesome pear ripening info on the blog this week that we just had to share! Use this guide to ripen your Bartletts to perfection.

The Three Shades of Bartlett: (ripened at room temperature)

Green: Hard and crunchy texture with a tart-sweet taste. This is the ripeness for stage for someone who is without a napkin, is hungry enough or impatient enough to eat a Pear that will taste much better in a day or two.

Yellow-Green: Nicely sweet, classic pear flavor and succulent flesh. This is for typical lunch room eating.

Full Yellow: The chin-dripper! Outrageously juicy, richly-ripe and sticky sweet. This is the lean over the desk waist basket with wet-wipes handy or lean over the kitchen sink and slurp up the sweetness. Yes, Bartletts do not stay at the full yellow stage for long before going bad AND the tender skin will likely show scars and bruises from handling. Be gentle.”


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