The “Source” Report: Apples are Great this Year!

Mila, our produce buyer, reports on the expected flavors and varieties of the season.

Fuji Apples
The wooden bins full of rosy Fuji apples are beautiful to look at and even better to taste.
apples, greek yogurt

Our Fuji apples are huge this year! Look how this one compares to 16 oz. of yogurt.

This year will be wonderful for our local orchard apples, according to the seasonal harvest reports coming in. This year’s apples are coming in big and flavorful. Enjoy them fresh as a snack, baked in pies, cobblers, casseroles, or even microwaved, sprinkled with apple pie spices and topped with ice cream or fresh whipped cream. Check out our Recipes page for ideas!

Hometown Harvest has a wonderful selection of apples sourced from local Hollabaugh Brothers Orchard. We are planning to carry five local varieties, all available right now. To get a taste of all five, order the bulk option Apple Harvest Blend from our Produce/Fruit shop page.

Ruby Jon: Staff Favorite!
Whenever a new produce item arrives, the staff here at Hometown Harvest samples it. It’s a fun way for us to try new foods and get to know our products. We all have different taste buds and very different opinions, so it is great to get everyone’s feedback. This apple, the Ruby Jon won unanimous approval as a “fresh-eating” apple with amazing color.20130919-185159.jpg This new apple is definitely worth trying.


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