The “Source” Report: A Pomegranate How-To!

The content of this post comes from The Organic Produce Geek, a fabulous resource for seasonal eating! Check out the original post here for more information!

This week we are offering organic pomegranates, a fun fall treat that is loaded with healthy antioxidants and vitamins! They can be a little tricky to open, but definitely worth learning how to do! Pomegranate arils can be frozen like berries and used in smoothies, salads, baking…anything you like!


  • Scarring on the skin really has no impact on the internal quality of the fruit.
  • The redness of the skin can vary from variety to variety and is not a true indicator of aril quality.
  • Store Pomegranates in the fridge for best shelf-life, but they’ll last for a week or so on the counter too as an interesting, decorative centerpiece. But how do you get at those arils?


If you decide to hack open a fresh Pomegranate on a cutting board and then pry the membranes apart, get ready to clean up your crime scene – I mean, kitchen. There will be juice splattering on your cutting surface and surrounding area, and likely on you. Fun for Halloween maybe, but there are better ways.

How to open a Pomegranate… without you and your kitchen looking like a crime scene.

Aqua method:

  • You’ll need a knife, large bowl of water and a colander.
  • Slice the crown off the top.
  • Score the skin making 4 cuts from top to bottom.
  • Open the Pomegranate over the bowl of water.
  • Pull the arils from membranes under water to keep the splatter to a minimum.
  • The arils sink and the membranes float – strain and you’re done.

3 thoughts on “The “Source” Report: A Pomegranate How-To!

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