The “Source” Report: Squash is the Word!

Red Kuri Squash

Squatter and darker than a pumpkin, this red kuri squash makes a mean soup.

It’s Halloween and who doesn’t have pumpkin on the brain? True foodies know that the oversized carving pumpkins are only good for the month of October, and then it’s all about the perfect little pie pumpkins that sing with squashy flavor and texture. What better than a menu full of blood-sugar-regulating, fiber-filled, vitamin-rich SQUASH to cleanse the body after a bout of weakness with some trick-or-treats?

Baby Bear Squash

These “baby bear” squash are just right!

Squash is a sometimes misunderstood but very healthy veggie option, adding tons of new choices  to our fall meals. As produce buyer, I have the opportunity to try new flavors of seasonal classics as well as new produce items that I have never had before, and this fall is no exception.  I’ve been exploring and tasting the many squash choices we offer, including delicata,  acorn, butternut, kuri, and yes, pumpkin.

All have slightly different textures and flavors, from sweet to mild to even nutty. Some recipes have been quick and easy others more effort, but well worth it. (Pro tip: Keep cooked & pureed squash on hand in the freezer to cut down on recipe prep time.)

Sweet & spicy, you'll flip for this curry/kuri soup!

Sweet & spicy, you’ll flip for this curry/kuri soup!

A new favorite of mine is Red Kuri Squash, which I bake until soft and tender and puree into a wonderful Coconut “Kuri” Soup. Last week I microwaved acorn and delicata squash until tender, then scooped and mashed together for a quick easy side dish, to which I added a little butter and served warm. I’ve also made squash dinner rolls and then used my leftover dough to make breakfast rolls with cherries and cashews inside–so versatile! This week, I plan  on trying a casserole with squash and apples.

Fall offers wonderful new seasonal produce for some amazing healthy menu options. There are really no limits to the flavor combinations of this local veg, so go on—experiment a little and then share some of your squash recipes with us!

squash rolls

Use pureed squash in dough, like these dinner rolls and cherry cashew breakfast rollups.


2 thoughts on “The “Source” Report: Squash is the Word!

    • The sauce? Great question! Anna & Kaitlyn are teaming back up to make a batch and take photos in the next week or two! Just in time to clear out some freezer space to get ready for Thanksgiving leftovers. 🙂

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