New Product Alert: Hometown Harvest Apple Cider!

Local apples are blended and minimally processed to preserve vitamins and nutrients!

Local apples are blended and minimally processed to preserve vitamins and nutrients!

We are thrilled to share that we have been developing our own blend of LOCAL apple cider for you, our customers!

One of the main reasons we thought of cider is because we needed to find a way to use “juice” apples this winter for our local apple growers.  During the winter months as we receive fresh local apples, we send the best to our customers. The apples that are not as pretty, but just as full of healthy nutrients, will go to juice. Tony has been working with our dear friend Matt over at Chelsey Farm to develop our own blend and we have been fine-tuning the taste of the cider.

The new mill is called Big Hill Ciderworks, a small-batch, local cider mill that just began pressing this year.  They use a great processing method that allows for the preservation of as many nutrients as possible through UV light pasteurization.  This means that the cider passes through a UV light to kill any potential harmful bacteria. Traditional pasturization uses high-heat methods, which can hurt the nutritional value of the juice.    The cider from Big Hill Ciderworks creates a  less processed product, and tends to keep more of the natural flavors of the cider, while still eliminating 99.999% of any potential harmful bacteria (the same result as the high-heat process).

We’re so excited to have you try this healthy, local product that we will be giving away a pint of cider with every order next week! Please give us your feedback, and thanks as always for supporting sustainable, local businesses by being a Hometown Harvest member!


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