Make Your Own Zucchini Pasta…In 5 Minutes or Less!

Rachel Druckenmiller, health coach and local blogger

Rachel Druckenmiller, health coach and author of Rachel’s Nourishing Kitchen

We’re pleased to share a cross-post from customer, blogger, and health coach Rachel Druckenmiller’s blog, Rachel’s Nourishing Kitchen. As a wellness consultant and certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Rachel uses Hometown Harvest bag ingredients to craft tasty, interesting recipes that are healing and nutritious. Enjoy!


Zucchini noodles! Once they're spiralized, cut them with scissors, otherwise it will be one long strand of pasta!

Zucchini noodles! Once they’re spiralized, cut the the strands in chunks with scissors, otherwise it will be one very long strand of pasta!

Cooking is one of the keys to eating healthy, nourishing food. For many people, cooking seems like just another chore we “have to” do instead of something we “choose to” do.

What if cooking were FUN? And Easy?

The recipe and process I’m sharing with you today are just that…fun and simple! Not only that, but this meal takes only 5 minutes to make, doesn’t actually require any cooking AND is kid-friendly!

Meet, the spiralizer. This $20 gadget will open a whole new world of food possibilities for you, and it’s even fun to use!

Growing up, I LOVED pasta, especially angel hair pasta. I ate it multiple times a week with butter, garlic powder and heaps of parmesan cheese. It was my go to meal, even in college.

If you’re looking for some creative alternatives to pasta that are packed with nutrientswon’t weight you down and are perfect for warmer weather, you have to try this zucchini pasta!

I had a bunch of zucchini in my Hometown Harvest bag this week, so I was really excited to make this refreshing seasonal recipe again!

Zucchini Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Pesto




  1. Here’s the fun part…spiralize the zucchini! Watch the video below to learn how.
  2. To make the pesto, put the red pepper, walnuts, garlic, and sea salt in a food processor (we used a mini one), and pulse until blended but still a bit chunky.
  3. Top the zucchini pasta with one or two spoonfuls of pesto and some paleo parmesan cheeze and enjoy!


About racheldruck

I love to cook, and I am passionate about spreading the message of how delicious, simple and nourishing real food can be. Check out my blog for posts on healthy recipes, tips and tricks, and lessons learned on my healthy eating journey! I'm passionate about educating, teaching and equipping you with the skills, tools and inspiration to live a purposeful, energized life! I live in Baltimore with my husband, my college sweetheart, and work as a wellness consultant and health coach. I also teach healthy cooking classes. I love what I do!

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