Tony’s Thoughts: Rock Farming

 I have harvested a nice crop of rocks out of the produce field so far this year.  Rocks are something that you don’t always want to take the time to deal with, but if left in the field they can be responsible for a lot of equipment damage. Just like most things, the more time and energy you spend on the foundation, in this case the soil, the better your chances will be for success.

We have spent several weeks getting our produce fields ready. Picking up rocks, clearing our sod that did not die over the winter, working the soil. When the field was finally ready to form into beds and cover in plastic, we ran into a problem with our tractor. When I was about finished working the soil, the tractor overheated. After Abby and I spent a day adjusting the mulch layer, we discovered we were missing a part, which I had to call on Monday to have shipped.

It was time to trade in the old tractor. I spent some time getting advice from other farmers, talking to dealers, discussing what tractor would be best for our little farm. We settled on a New Holland tractor, which arrived on a Wednesday. unnamed
So Wednesday evening, we had the equipment we needed, Abby and I were ready to begin making the beds…and it began to rain. Argh ~ just a typical day in the life of a farm!

 With the plastic down, we were ready for “plugs”, or the starter seedlings our friend Myron Hess was growing for us. Myron let us know that the tomatoes, peppers, and basil plants were ready to go in the soil, with squash and melon plants coming in a few weeks.

The tomatoes are in, along with about 500 stakes that I pounded into the ground. A drip irrigation system also needed to be installed along the rows.


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