Farm Update: The Space Race!

We ran out of space! Two weeks ago when we went to plant our watermelon plants, we discovered that we did not have enough room for all of the plants that we had.  

This seems to be a theme for us this year. We had a lot of extra tomato and squash plants that we just had to find a home for, which is why we now do not have room for the watermelons. We currently have about 500 homeless watermelon plants.
We had been debating converting a hay field over to produce. The question was really not “if”, but “when” we were going to convert this field. Typically, you want to do this over several months to give the grass time to die and compost into the soil. However, the only way we could save the watermelon plants was to open up this field. And in doing this… we would not have months, we would have 1 week.

It takes a lot of work to convert a hay field over to produce, so it was no surprise that the last week pretty much sucked. I commented many times during the hours I spent picking up rocks in the heat on my hands and knees that I was doing prison work. Hay is basically grass, so you have clumps of sod, weeds, LOTS of rocks – and it all must be cleared out before you can work the soil and ultimately plant a crop. 

As of last Friday, we finally made a home for our watermelon plants. The soil is not ideal…I certainly do not want to give the impression that doing this was a great idea, but it thus far seems to have worked. We will see once the plants begin to grow!


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