All About…Turmeric!

IMG_1924You’ve probably heard of turmeric in the context of foods that fight inflammation, but maybe you haven’t decided how exactly you will use it, since biting into a hunk of it doesn’t seem terribly appetizing. Let’s look a little further into this interesting, inflammation-fighting root!

Turmeric gets its health benefit from the naturally occurring cucumin compound, which is thought to help reduce inflammation in the body. Some studies suggest it may even help reduce the incidence of heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Clearly, this powerful little root is worth trying. But how?

If you’ve eaten or cooked Indian food before, you’ve probably eaten turmeric, or used it in its powder form. The fresh stuff, though, is worth trying, and it’s actually quite easy to use.


Once you receive your order from HH, take the turmeric and use a spoon to scrape off the brown, paper-like exterior. This is one of my favorite ways to peel fresh ginger, and it works wonderfully with turmeric as well. This way, you won’t slice off too much of the root, and you’ll just get the papery outside. Jackpot!



A popular use for turmeric is turmeric tea, sometimes called “golden milk” for the rich yellow hue the turmeric lends to the tea. It tastes a little like a chai latte, but just a touch spicier.  You can use grated fresh turmeric for this one, along with ginger, black pepper, cardamom, almond milk, and whatever else you might like!



If tea isn’t your thing, simply toss a small piece into your blender with your morning smoothie. All of the anti-inflammatory benefits in a milder medium!


Just look at that color! I love when healthy food is also photogenic!

Have you ever cooked with fresh turmeric before?  Any favorite recipes?  Share your thoughts below!


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