Spring Into Success! 5 Golden Rules for Accomplishing your Healthy Eating Goals.

Living a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge. Busy work schedules, extracurricular activities, our social lives, family, pets, school, exercise…..the list goes on. Nearly everything affects our ability to set healthy eating goals and stay on track. Follow the 5 Golden Rules for Success so you can choose the right food and accomplish your goals!

1. Set goals that motivate you. Make sure your goals are important to you and there is value in achieving them. To make sure your goal is motivational, write down why it’s important to you. 

Example Goal: I will eat healthier this Spring!

2. Make your goals SMART. SMART is a common acronym but often underused. Goals should be:

  • Specific: clear and well defined
  • Measurable: precise times and dates to meet this goal
  • Attainable: set goals that aren’t too easy or too hard. Be realistic!
  • Relevant: Keep goals aligned with the direction of your life
  • Time Bound: set a deadline! Know when you can celebrate a success

Example Goal: I will include locally-sourced fruits and vegetables each week in my grocery delivery.

3. Write goals down. This makes a goal real and tangible. Goal statements have power!

4. Make an action plan. Don’t only focus on the outcome but on the steps along the way. Free action plan templates are available!

5. Stick with it! Build in reminders and make time to review your goals

Don’t know where to start? Including portions of fruits in vegetables in your shopping cart is easy if you have your groceries delivered! Choose pre-selected bags of locally-sourced produce, ranging from 6-17 servings, that can be delivered on a recurring basis. This takes the hassle out of making a grocery list and ensures you choose the right produce every time you get groceries. By starting small, you can gradually incorporate other organic and locally-grown meats, dairy, breads and more to your online grocery cart.

Example Goal: Learn more about getting my groceries delivered!

HH Takeaway: Write your goals for the week and your grocery list on the same piece of paper! You’ll be able to choose healthier options for delivery!  

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