3 Perfect Recipes for Spring

Warmer weather. Later nights. Blooming flowers. Time on the patio. What’s not to love about Spring? We think these three recipes are perfect for family dinners, entertaining and everything in-between! Plus, they use local and nutritious products sourced by Hometown Harvest. What’s not to love?


  1. Seared Tuna Medallions with Citrus Salsa: A fresh and light take on tuna, this dish combines a homemade season salt infused tuna medallion with a burst of flavor (and color) in the citrus salsa.
  2. Green bean and penne pasta salad: This simple side can be prepared in under 15 minutes with less than 10 ingredients (including seasonings). The green beans add a nice crunch, too!
  3. Squash Fries: Crispy, crunchy and much more healthy than traditional fries this snack can be made with any type of squash! Helpful hint: bake the fries on parchment paper for an extra crunch!

Find more great recipes on our website: http://www.hometownharvest.com!

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