#HH30Days Kicks Off!



It’s Hometown Harvest’s 30 Days Challenge! You get to focus on eating whole foods for 30 days, AND you can enter to win fun prizes along the way! DAILY giveaways!!  Who doesn’t love eating well and winning prizes? Clearly, I am pumped for this month!

Sign up here.


Ok, so you’ve signed up…now what? Check out the rules here.

Then, start by cleaning out your fridge. Having a helpful environment to support your healthy eating endeavors is a big part of the equation. Go through and clean it out; get rid of junk food, throw out spoiled produce (or see if you can salvage it by checking out my posts on wrinkled peppers and wilted lettuce!).



Specifically, think about these potential game changers:

  • Make the healthy options the first thing you see: what do you see first when you open your fridge? Is it something healthy or
    something that’s processed and not so much what you want to eat? Make the healthy choice the easy choice! How? Keep reading!
  • Prep makes it easy! Are the healthy options the easiest ones? More often than not, we choose the easiest, most accessible foods when we are tired and hungry and short on time. Making sure your produce is not only in your fridge, but prepped and ready to eat is a way to make sure that when you’re low on energy, you’re still making the best choices.
  • Make it fun! Stay tuned in to HH’s blog for Coach Sarah K’s tips and encouragement! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for new ideas that will make healthy eating fun and delicious all at once. How about having a challenge with your coworkers? Share ideas, meals, snack ideas, etc.

Now what?

Time to shop! Check out the Just Arrived section of our website for our newly arrived produce, then start adding to your cart! Post your favorite meal ideas on our social media sites, and keep an eye out for our daily winners! 


Let’s Get Started!

Share your initial thoughts, ideas, excitement, below!


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