#HH30Days Week 1 Recap!


Week one is in the books!  How did you do?  I have loved all of the healthy food I’m cooking up!  It’s a little more challenging to stick to only whole foods, but it is completely doable, especially when you have HH in your corner!

One of the my favorites has been the fresh, local asparagus.  It is the first sign of spring to me, and since the weather hasn’t gotten the memo yet that it’s spring, I am glad the asparagus crop did!  It has been my favorite side dish to basically every dinner this week.  It cooks up in a few minutes on a grill pan (see above re: weather not cooperating with outdoor grilling), and it turns an even brighter shade of green, which is just downright beautiful!  Top it with a little salt, and you are in business!


I have been enjoying my snacks too, and I shared some ideas earlier in the week.  Comment below if you’ve come up with any particularly good ones you’d like to share!

I’ve noticed that I go to fruit as a snack more than normal, which has been great!  To avoid boredom, I try to spice it up a little bit.  For example, I packed a container of blackberries to take to work, and I added some chopped fresh mint to it.  It was lovely!


HH’s seedless red grapes also make a great snack.  They’re cool, juicy, and refreshing, and they are easy to grab and go!


Not necessarily (or even a little bit) a fruit, but my baked blue potato chips have also been a great treat this week.  They are crunchy and salty, but without the processed junk that you find in a bag of chips!  Have you tried them?  Did they disappear quickly in your house like they did in mine?


Another spring favorite is pea shoots!  These delicious little greens have been giving new life to my salads!  I love them!  They are also delicious as a side dish, just sautéed in some olive oil with a touch of salt.  Let us know how you like to use them, and if you haven’t tried them yet, add them to your bag this week to give them a try!


Those are some of my favorites this week, and I am beyond thrilled for the imminent arrival of strawberries!  Anyone else?  I’ll be posting some more #HH30Days posts as we eat our way through this month of delicious and healthy food, so stay tuned!



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