Baked Blue Potato Chips (#HH30Days-friendly!)


Who doesn’t love potato chips?  Or at least like them?  I can’t think of anyone I know!   So if you are doing the #HH30Days Challenge, you might be missing that crunchy, salty snack…but no more!  We are making our own chips here!  And it’s so easy, you might want to do this permanently!

Start with those blue potatoes from your bag.  They are so pretty once sliced up!  I love the color, and I tell myself that it makes them taste better because they look better.  Reasonable.


If you have a mandoline, slice the potatoes on there.  If not, just thinly slice them with a sharp knife.


(Not pictured is the handy dandy protector thingy for the mandolin.  Always a bonus when you can use it and keep all five fingers in tact!)

Slice them thinly, then pile them up in a bowl!  Pause to admire that gorgeous color!


Then toss them with 1-2Tbsp olive oil and about 1/2 tsp. salt.

Lay them on a baking sheet in a single layer, baking at 425 for 23-25 minutes.


Mine needed a touch more salt when they finished baking.


They came out crunchy, salty, and delicious!  Enjoy these as a healthier potato chip!

Tell us below what you do with your blue potatoes!

Baked Blue Potato Chips

4-5 small blue potatoes
1-2Tbsp. olive oil
1/2 tsp. salt


  • Wash your potatoes, then thinly slice on a mandolin or with a sharp knife.
  • Toss with olive oil and salt.
  • Arrange in a single layer on a baking sheet, making sure not to overlap potato slices–if you overlap, they won’t get crispy!
  • Bake at 425 degrees for 23-25 minutes.

#HH30Days Snacktime!



So have you signed up for the #HH30Days challenge yet? I have! And I am determined to stick to it for 30 days!  How do I plan on doing that while also working full time and dealing with life in general? Good question!


So let’s think about this: if I want to eat healthy things, then I have to have healthy things available to me. That means I need to shop on HH’s site for delicious things that I want to eat, and it just so happens that one of my favorite things on the planet is tzatziki. To be even more specific, Cava Mezze’s tzatziki. I’ve googled online for the recipe more times than I care to admit, but now I don’t have to because I can just order it and have it ready-made and in my bag on my delivery morning. JACK. POT. I could eat it with a spoon, but I use celery instead:



Another favorite is guacamole and chips, but I keep it healthy by substituting red peppers for chips.  Still delicious!


Prep work

For me, and for many people I think, the most important part of the week is the part before it even starts. Basically, Sunday night. If I prepare and plan on Sunday night, then I have healthy options in the fridge that make it easy to grab and go. If I have to work late, then I have to take all of my meals with me, and that’s especially doable if I have a fridge full of healthy prepared meals. So I take all the yummy things I got in my bag and make them into something delicious. This week, it was a quinoa salad with corn, black beans, red peppers, mango, and…spring garlic! I am obsessed with it lately!



So really, my sister is my BFF, but protein is a close second.   It helps me feel full on fewer calories, so that’s a win right there.


Pairing protein and veggies or fruit is an excellent way to feel full on a smaller total amount of calories. For example, celery and tzatziki (can you tell I love that snack?), carrots and hummus, an apple and peanut butter, hard boiled eggs…it’s all a win, because they will keep you feeling satiated and not ravenous for longer than a bag of chips will.


Share your favorite healthy snack below!

The Source Report: Crispy Chickpeas

Read more about our latest product, Crispy Chickpeas, from guest post author, co-owner of 2Armadillos Snack Co. and medical doctor, Greg Katz.

Crispy Organic Chickpeas

In the modern age of industrialized food production and distribution, it can be impossible to know where your food really comes from. If you stop to read a label on some of the food that’s being sold in your supermarket, it can be quite a shock to see the additives and unrecognizable ingredients. This bread has high fructose corn syrup? What the heck is carrageenen and why is it in my Greek yogurt? It can be sad to see how corporate interests and marginal profits have disrupted the wholesome production of some of our favorite pantry staples.

Luckily, you have some friends out there doing things a bit differently. Hometown Harvest and 2Armadillos Snack Co recognize that making healthy choices is a lot easier when you have readily available options that are better tasting and better for you. We make crispy roasted chickpeas out of Union Kitchen in NoMa, Washington DC, using only organic chickpeas, high quality olive oil, salt, and seasonings. Union Kitchen is a commercial cooking facility and food incubator that facilitates small food companies making their entry into the business world.
2Armadillos has been at UK since our beginning, and having the opportunity to work alongside so many other food entrepreneurs committed to using high quality, well-sourced ingredients in handmade products has been an inspiration for us. The “community” aspect of housing our production inside of such a facility has helped us create relationships that have changed our business. When you work side by side with people who are committed to making a product that is socially conscious, high in quality, and delicious for customers, you can’t help but be inspired. The cooks and business owners at Union Kitchen never compromise on the quality of their products or use additives and unpronounceable ingredients to raise their margins at the expense of their customers. And it’s amazing to produce our snacks in such a vibrant environment; the buzz in the air at Union Kitchen makes us excited about our business every day!
Through our membership at Union Kitchen, we’ve formed close relationships with the owners of several other local small businesses. We are particularly close with Capital Kombucha, makers of the popular fermented tea drink and are exploring distribution partnerships to help customers enjoy the synergistic relationship of a refreshing probiotic (kombucha) with a tasty prebiotic (chickpeas) to nourish their bodies while delighting their palates.
We at 2Armadillos couldn’t be more excited about sharing our delicious and wholesome snacks with you and your family through Hometown Harvest! And we encourage you to check out all of Union Kitchen so you can learn about all of the amazing local businesses helping to feed hungry mouths all over the DC area!
—Greg3x4 POS 2A graphic - 10.24.13

Sports Candy: Day 7

The following is a guest blog from Kaitlyn, our social media manager, editor, mom of two boys, and devoted Hometown Harvest customer. Follow along as she embarks on a 10-day real-food-only pledge.

If you’re like me, sometimes you may have grand plans to make elaborate meals with your Hometown Harvest bags…just to find that you got stuck at work late, or the kids demanded peanut butter & jelly AGAIN, or someone whisked you off your feet and took you to a 5-star restaurant instead (ha! yes, I’m dreaming).  Suddenly there is a drawer full of apples, or ANOTHER head of lettuce you didn’t chop for salads (and why I’m a salad mix convert).

What I like to do is “put up” as much as I can as soon as I get my order. I recently mentioned how I snaked on dried apples (called “sports candy” in my house by my preschoolers), and DifferentBeautifully asked how I did it. So easy! Back in the fall, we ordered bulk apples. Using my handy apple peeler/corer to thinly slice the apples, I laid them out on baking sheets and popped them into the oven on as low as it would go (175° for mine).

When they were nice and crispy, we let them cool and transferred them to glass jars. It helps to suck out the air with a vacuum-type attachment (I have one for my FoodSaver), but as long as there is no moisture, the apples will be good to eat for a few months.

Check out this great site for more drying directions, along with links to preserving just about anything you can buy fresh in season. It’s great to be able to pull out “real food” snacks and pantry items all year long, and you know for sure what went into them.

Day 7 Menu: Whole grain toast w/almond butter, yogurt w/strawberries & honey, snow peas+carrots+broccoli+ginger peanut tofu stir fry & brown rice. Banana for snack.